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What Are The Benefits Of Soil Aeration?

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What is Soil Aeration?

Soil Aeration is a naturally-occurring process whereby the grass has a healthy exchange with the surrounding air. In the lawn care industry, though, aeration refers to the process of removing cores of soil so that the grass can grow better.

There are different equipment for removing the soil and the type of equipment used will determine the outcome of the soil. Luckily for you, though, you do not need to concern yourself with the details. There are many professional lawn care that can do the job for you.

So what if there is a healthy exchange of air between the soil and the environment? It actually allows the root to grow deeper into the soil, which means healthier-looking grass. Aeration also lessens the amount of maintenance work needed for your lawn.

Without aeration, the soil becomes compact, making it necessary to plow the soil. But with aeration, you only need to dig the cores once a year and you can expect for the grass to grow to a healthy, strong green.

Why does soil compaction happen?

Most of the time when a lawn is made, the fertile topsoil has been removed leaving only the clay-ish compact subsoil. Grass roots do not thrive in subsoil because it’s difficult for the water to reach the roots. The same is true for the fertilizer.

Think of aeration as the human equivalent of improving circulation. Without it, the nutrients will be wasted because it cannot reach the intended recipients.

Soil Aeration

Even when a lawn is on topsoil, it can become compact with frequent use. Golf courses, because of human traffic and traffic coming from the golf cars, easily become compact. Because of this, aeration needs to be one to least three times per year.

Lawns on personal property without that much traffic do not need as much maintenance. An aeration process done once a year is enough.

The work may look simple but it’s actually a complex process that requires expert knowledge and professional hands. Definitely, you will want to hire a professional lawn care service to do the job for you.

There are many law care specialists you will find online. To find them, you can use Google or you can also use websites like Thumbtack. Personally, we like to use Thumbtack just because the businesses are verified and you can easily see important information like how long the company has been in business.

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