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Know How Lime Helps Your Lawn

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Adding lime to a lawn is very important. Add lime to lawn grass that does not benefit from nutrients in the soil because adding fertilizers will not help the grass. However, most people do not understand how limes work. So, they do not add lime to their lawns. Lime helps your lawn reach its full potential.

Here’s how lime helps your lawn.

Increases Soil’s pH

When you add lime to your lawn, it increases the soil’s pH in your lawn. So, it makes the soil more alkaline and less acidic. Reducing soil’s acidity promotes healthy grass growth.

Lime is not a substitute for fertilizer. Why? Because the main role of lime is to offset soil acidity and to alter soil pH. Low soil pH inhibits the availability of nutrients in the soil. Apply lime to restore balance in the overly acidic soil. Lime brings back soil pH to optimal levels.

Lawn grasses struggle in acidic soil. There are plants that flourish in acidic soil. So, they flourish in this soil. For example, lawn moss. If there is lawn moss in your lawn, the soil pH in your lawn has become too low so the soil no longer supports healthy grass growth. Also, a lot of weeds prefer acidic soil so check for weeds.

Calcium and Magnesium

Lime contains magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate. Magnesium and calcium are important in a lawn. Why? Because they preserve the vigor and color of a lawn. And they protect the grass from damage caused by traffic stress, drought, heat, rainfall, or excessive snow.

Calcium regulates other soil nutrients such as phosphorous, copper, and zinc. These nutrients are beneficial to grass. Lime stop damaging nutrients from building up. These damaging nutrients include; iron, manganese, and aluminum. These nutrients reduce plant growth.

Add Nutrients to the Soil

Furthermore, lime adds nutrients that the soil was missing. Adding these nutrients improve the growth your lawn grass. You will see a lush growth in a short time. Lime restores and maintains the soil that was affected by environmental factors.

Makes Fertilizers more Effective

If you have been applying fertilizer and herbicide to your lawn but you are not seeing any changes, know that your lawn needs lime. Lime boosts the effectiveness of herbicide and fertilizer. Do not spend more money buying fertilizer and herbicide. Apply lime. It is fast, easy, and simple.

Soil Preparation

Apply lime to the soil when you are preparing your lawn for planting grass. Lime helps grass grow strong roots. And it increases their beauty and endurance. Lime is more effective in the fall when it is raining and the temperatures are cold. Lime works best when it is raining and when the temperature is cold. Do not add lime to your lawn if the grass is covered in frost or wilted.

You now know how lime helps your lawn. Lime lowers acidity in the soil. Lime contains calcium and magnesium that helps improve the nutrients in your soil. If the soil on your lawn misses some nutrients, lime will add these nutrients. Find more information at http://discoverziehler.com

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