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How To Maintain Your Lawn And Ensure It Stays Green

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The lawn is an extension of the beauty of your home and should always be viewed as such; however, many people do not think of their lawns in such a way. For them, it is a piece of open ground that they can garden and grow flowers or lush green grass.

Your lawn needs adequate TLC (Tender, Loving and Care) for it to retain its natural greenness all through the year.

Below are some handy tips that you should consider:

Choose Carefully – What you plant on the land will determine the type of lawn you will be dealing with; thus, you should research the various types of grasses and grass seeds to know which is ideal. Take into account the weather in your areas according to the different seasons and how that kind of grass fares in each season. Also, consider the set requirements in the grown and maintenance of such grasses so that you pick what will thrive and ease is to maintain.

Aerate/ Add Nutrients – Fertilize and aerate the soil before planting and remember to do this every few months. Use organic fertilizers so that you add natural nutrients to the soil that the grass needs to grow and stay healthy and strong. Use water-soluble fertilizers that have nitrogen and iron sulfate. Routinely aerate the lawn to allow water and fertilizer to travel across the soil and reaching deep to the roots. You can do this using a garden fork and exercise caution to the make massive holes.

Water The Lawn – The lawn is exposed to the elements every day all through the year and the hot summer can be very brutal to the grass causing it to shrivel, and if not water, die. So, watering your green is a rather obvious thing that you should do. The best time to water the lawn is an hour before dawn and just after the sun sets. Regulate the irrigation limiting it to at least once or twice a week during the sunny summer days, and reduce the amount of water and frequency of watering during the wet days of the year.

Cut The Grass – Allowing the grass to grow is important, but allowing sporadic growth is not wise. You need to cut the grass, and in so doing you are taming its growth in a manner that allows every grass-blade to get adequate sunlight and for every inch of the ground to get water when irrigating. Also, remember to do a bit of scarifying (raking) after you trim. Do not take away all the cut grass. Allow some to wither away on the lawn so that they add to the nutrient count and aid in having a green lawn. Follow the Landscaping Ideas for a Beautiful Yard

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