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How Long Does A Tile Roof Last On Average

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When you are choosing from the many different materials that are available for putting on a new roof, you need to consider all of your options. Some of them are going to be very inexpensive, whereas others will be extremely costly, but the longevity of these products is representative of the price. For example, if you are using standard asphalt shingles, these have a life of about 30 years. On the other hand, if you are using slate, or if you are going to use some type of corrugated steel, they have a minimum lifespan of 50 years. Let’s discuss the many other options that you have, and how long a tile roof is going to last on average.

How Long Do Different Roofing Materials Last?

Depending on the roofing material that you use, the life expectancy of that roof is going to be very different. Starting with asphalt roll roofing materials, you have a minimum of five years. Composite shingle roofs are very popular based upon the price, and they typically last between 15 and 20 years. If you get wood shingles, these are going to last 25 years or longer. Standing seam metal roofs can last up to 50 years. Wood shake shingle roofs will be viable up until 40 years. The best ones to get if you have the money include clay and slate roofing materials. These have a lifespan of the hundred years or more.

How Long Does A Tile Roof Last?

The long cavity of a tile roof will depend upon the type of material that it is made of. There are quite a few different types of tile roofing materials today. Decades ago, it was primarily concrete or clay, and the lifespan on those could be 50 years or more. Today, you can get tile roofing that is made of rubber, metal, or even solar shingles. In most cases, every tile roof that you put on has a minimum lifespan of five decades.

How To Find Companies That Can Install These For You

Companies that can install these for you are numerous in most major cities. You should have no problem finding several that you can compare. The businesses should have decades of experience of possible, but if they don’t, try to find some type of feedback on each of these businesses to make your decision. You always need to get at least three or more estimates from these different companies. Specify that you want to have a tile roof. When the estimates come back, you can use this information to justify choosing one over the other based upon the prices they are going to charge.

It is a very good decision to select tile roofing over all of the others. It has to do with not only its appearance, but also how long it will last. If you have never had a tile roof before, you will be astounded at how it will change the way that your home looks. You also will not have to worry about doing your roof ever again. By the time you are retired, it will likely look the same. This will also allow you to sell the house without having to reroof it. Start looking for contractors and calculate your roofing cost that can put on a tile roof that will last for many decades, preferably one that offers a very affordable price.

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